Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group was formed to help enhance the facility, preserve the history of the ship-building and industry that shaped the area and educate the future generations of the community.

This collection of stories, poems and limericks were written by local children (and a few adults) as part of the display for our Easter Trail and Anchor Festival events.


A frog is dozing

Under a sycamore tree

Catching the sunshine.


Haiku poem by Andrew Diaz, aged 7


Water Lilies.

Water lilies float

Slowly across the water

Heading for the land.


Haiku poem by George Cumberland, aged 7


Yellow Water Lily

Pennington After School club


Our Canal


The heart of our town

A piece of us

The working days have passed

Leaving lovely scenic views

If you look at the beauty

The sight, sounds and smell


For us it is a quiet place

Somewhere to unwind

As you take a stroll past the fishermen

Feeding the ducks and the swans

Beautiful surroundings

And a haven for wildlife

A special place for memories

For all to enjoy.

Hi, I am a duck and my name is Bob.

I always swim in the water waiting for food.

I have been here for a very long time.

I was swimming really fast, Ouch!

I bumped into a big long ship, The Elizabether Fleet.

Wow, it was so big.


CRASH, BANG! One of the Elizabethan Fleet bumps into the side of the canal.

I fly out of the ship I’m hiding in to the starry night sky,

I find some flies.

CRUNCH go the fly as my teeth sink into it’s tiny body.

As the sun arrives I hide…..



Newlands Class. Church Walk Primary School

Our Canal


Calm, cold, deep deep water,

Glistens in the evening glow.

Danger, danger must take care!

Especially in winter, ice and snow.


Swans and cygnets gracefully glide,

Happy ponies gallop and play,

Delicate dragonflies dance in the reeds,

So much wildlife to see in one day!


Pretty wild flowers sway in the breeze,

Lily pads float like a soft green sheet,

Towering tall trees stand strong and firm,

Listen! As they move to nature’s beat.


A place for a community,

A place to gently walk,

A place to take time from busy life,

To stop a while, and talk.

Lily Pad Pond

Bessy Whinneray


Bessy Bessy Whinneray

 kissed the boys and ran away.

 She laughed so much she nearly weed

 upon the ship’s new load of tweed.

The captain was not pleased at all

 with Bessy’s silly fol-de-rol.

 He banished her to swab the deck

 until she learned she must not wreck

 the cargo.