There have been a lot of changes to the canal in the last few months.  We did have issues with drainage which had to be rectified (and paid for, which meant eating into the funds we had) before other work could be done.  However, we hope that you can all see an improvement to the look and accessibility of the canal.  Barton Grange Landscapes won the tender for the hard-standing work. 

The steel totems and plates by Chris Brammall look amazing!  Please click here to see the original designs.  We are continuing to work closely with Chris and his wonderful team for the next stage of the regeneration.








Duddon Canoe Club, based in Barrow Docks, have been granted permission to hold some of their sessions on the canal and it's been great to see them here.

You may also see the Fire Service on the canal, at times.  They are using the canal for various practices.  They also help us at our annual big clear up.



Steel totem designed by Chris Brammall




UCRG is collecting data for an ecological study and you can help. Let us know what species of wildlife or wild flowers you see and approximate location and we can build up an accurate picture of what is around and what needs looking after. 



If you see a bird in distress on the canal, please contact Caroline on 07825134662.  You can also post a message on our Facebook page to let others know. 
You can also call Bardsea Bird Sanctuary (Tamsin) if you see any birds in distress in the South Lakes area.

It's essential that badly injured birds are seen asap (free of charge) at the nearest vets, or alternatively call the RSPCA: 0300 1234999.


One of the findings made by the Spirex Water Report was the negative effect that feeding the birds bread and other unsuitable foodstuffs has had on the environment.  There is a link to the full report in the "Water and Drainage" section, below. 

We all know how satisfying it is to feed the birds whatever your age.  However, we would like to encourage people not to feed them bread.  As well as affecting the environment it can also damage the the birds' health.  Here's a link to an interesting article outlining the problems. 

Due to the effects of unsafe food, we would like to encourage you all to feed safe foods.


Safe Food:                                                                      Unsafe food:

Cracked corn                                                                   Bread

Wheat, barley or similar grain                                       Chips

Oats                                                                                 Crackers and biscuits

Rice (cooked or uncooked)                                            Popcorn

Birdseed  (any type or mix)                                            Sugary food - sweets, chocolate

Grapes (cut in half)

Frozen peas or corn (defrosted, no need to cook)



Chopped lettuce or other greens or salad mixes

Chopped vegetable trimmings or peels

Duck pellets



Water & Drainage


The report about the weed problem and water quality has come back from Spirex.

NPL have been presented with the findings and we are trying to pressurise them into addressing the issues.

Please click here to see the report.





Repair and Maintenance


Since the group began we have implemented the much needed clearing of scrub, coppicing overgrown trees and reducing the overgrowth on the banks.  This will be maintained, while taking into account ecological needs.
We have also added benches and bins along the tow path.

The fencing on the rolling bridge has been repaired and made safer with the help of the GSK apprentices.

Also, Siemen's apprentices worked very hard over 4 weeks, cleaning up and resurfacing the fishing pegs.

Many thanks to all the apprentices for their hard work.



The tow path
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