Photograph by Steve Miller

Please keep sending in your photos of the canal and surrounding area.  We love to see them.

A. Winter Jane Steventon
B.Miller Winter
C. Steve Miller Winter 6
D. Steve Miller Winter 5
E. Steve Miller Winter 1
F. Steve Miller Winter 2
G. Steve Miller Winter
H. Steve Miller Winter 4
I. Winter Kevin Milner 4
J. Winter Kevin Milner 5
K. Winter Kevin Milner 6
L. Canal Winter 2 Pauline Halfpenny
M. Canal Winter 3 PH
N. Canal Winter 4 PH
O. Canal Winter 5 PH
P. Canal Winter 1
Q. Winter Paul Leviston
R. Winter Paul Leviston 3
S. Winter Paul Leviston 4
T. Winter Paul Leviston 5
U. Winter Paul Leviston 6
V. Winter Kevin Milner 3
W. Winter Kevin Milner
X. Winter Lynn Shamal
Y. Winter Paul Leviston 2
Z. Jane Smith
A1:  Rhiannon Woodburn
B1. Russell Holden
C1. Rhiannon Woodburn
D1. Chas Penfold
E1. B. Lamb
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Q. Winter Paul Leviston