The oral history project took place in...

  • On the corner of the road and the bay was a lime kiln which must have been used in early days.

  • Past the bathing huts onto the rocks, the first rock was the best, it got the sun all day it was near the facilities so it was a favourite place for picnics. On a sunny day on weekends or holidays all the prime positions were taken, teas and ice creams could be bought from Mrs Neave at Rose Cottage. Families would get a tray with teapot and mugs and carry it to their picnic spot. The crockery was then returned.

  • The men of the town would go out treading for flukes. I remember my dad bringing back live flukes, they went in the tin bath in the yard but mum wouldn’t cook them so they were given away to a neighbour.

  • My grandmother often used to walk from town to the fisherman’s house to buy fish or shrimps.


  • When going for a Sunday walk families got dressed up. Hats and coats were worn, with gloves for the ladies.No trousers and anoraks on a Sunday.


  • We used to walk to Tridley Shore or Priory Beach by way of footpaths. I remember one very wild day when I was wearing my new angora beret of which I was very proud when a gust of wind caught it and it blew out to sea. How I regretted that loss.


  • As children we were quite adventurous and the group of us who lived on Ironworks Rd would set off together to walk and explore, we went into Plumpton woods and we climbed in the quarry. One day I nearly slid down the slag bank and into the sewer, luckily, I stopped in time but I had to explain the ripped trousers I was wearing.