Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group

UCRG was formed in 2013 in order to preserve and enhance this beautiful Ulverston amenity. Over the years the canal and its environs had been neglected and become a bit of an eyesore. pulling togetherWe wanted to turn the negatives into positives with the help of the council, community and local businesses.

Through hard work, generous donations, grants and pulling together Ulverston Canal has been transformed and is now regularly used by the community and tourists.  The Group has liaised with the owners, organised litter picks and launched events and festivals that have become part of Ulverston's annual calendar.

In October 2016 we were honoured to win Heart of Ulverston Environmental Award in 2016.

In 2018 we became a charity. This meant we were able to access further grants in order to complete some much needed regeneration.

In 2021

Seldom Seen Walks

In order to get more insight about the area, there is a free app called Seldom Seen that you can download from Apple Store or Google Play. A walking audio tour which explores the hidden assets, stories, histories and nature of the wider area of Morecambe Bay. The walks cover Ulverston Canal Foot, Backbarrow, Hincaster and Heversham, Fort Walney and Sunderland Point.


Canal Memories from the Oral History Project.


  • The swimming nets- in a sheltered part of the bay there was a semi-circular set of nets where I learned to swim – posts still visible today. They kept you safe from being swept out to sea.

  • Again, for swimming in the cove where the road ends there were changing huts- men on one side, women on the other. The base of these huts is still there.

                          For more memories and information about the Oral History Project, please click here.