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Sadly, we are postponing the Easter Trail event in the light of the most recent advice from the government.

The number of people using the Canal Towpath has already risen dramatically, and it would be irresponsible to encourage more visitors. It has reached the stage where social distancing would be difficult to achieve.

The eggs and bunnies decorated for the trail are brilliant, so we will display them once the all clear is given. Until then they will be kept safe.

Keep healthy and safe.




Concerns have been raised about the maintenance and clearance being undertaken along Ulverston Canal tow path, and we felt it would help if we clarify our position.

The works, cutting back a number of trees, is being carried out by the owners of the canal, NPL ESTATES, who operate this arm of their business as “ULVERSTON CANAL COMPANY” (UCC).

Therefore, any questions regarding this work should be addressed to the Operations Manager of Ulverston Canal Company: 07833 231605. This contact would be your point of call for any canal infrastructure and maintenance queries.


Opening of the new Rolling Bridge, Interactive, Installation.
Thank you to everyone involved who helped raise funds and shared their knowledge and time. Also, thanks to Beth Pipe for the great video she made of the opening. You can view it here.

Who are we?


We are a group of people who wish to preserve and enhance this beautiful amenity for the community. We want the canal to be a welcoming attraction that will enhance the lives of all those who live near it and a place that encourages tourism for Ulverston.


We hope that the friends who live or work nearby, or regularly use the canal will:

  • Keep a watch on what is happening

  • Pass on concerns or ideas to the group

  • Support events organised to celebrate and use the canal

  • Sign up as a member of the group

In return, the group will:

  • Liaise and negotiate with the owners

  • Organise events and festivals to enhance leisure opportunities

  • Apply for funding grants

If you wish to register your support and interest for UCRG send an email to chairman@ulverstoncrg.co.uk, or use our CONTACT PAGE, to be added to the circulation list.


We hope that with your support we can make a real difference to the canal.  Please spread the word and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Thank you!

Seldom Seen Walks

A free app called Seldom Seen is a walking audio tour which explores the hidden assets, stories, histories and nature of the wider area of Morecambe Bay. The walks cover Ulverston Canal Foot, Backbarrow, Hincaster and Heversham, Fort Walney and Sunderland Point.  You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.  There are also beautiful paper maps you can buy. More information can be found at Art Gene.

Charity Status
As of August 2018 we are a charity!
We're very pleased to announce that we have been accepted for charity status.  Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

​Environmental Award

We were were surprised and very pleased to have won the Heart of Ulverston Environmental Volunteer Award!  Thank you to all who voted and many thanks for everyone's continued support.


Heart of Ulverston Awards Environmental Volunteer Group
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